Dr. John Swierzewski, Podiatrist and founder of PH Select

Since my youth, I suffered with severe eczema. The only treatments at that time were moisturizers and steroid creams of different strengths that become less and less effective over time. 

I  tried a homeopathic/all-natural approach as well which included oatmeal baths, “eczema moisturizers” and essential oils to calm itching which made sense-but oils were not treating the cause. 

My eczema became so bad, the strongest creams stopped working and I was prescribed prednisone as a pill in my 20’s. It actually worked, but side effects of long term prednisone meant a shortened life. As many eczema sufferers know, their average life span is 10-15 years shorter than normal. This reality as well as a life of steroids or pills was the only answer.

 A life where I could walk on the beach or wear shorts seemed like an unobtainable dream because of the embarrassment of my skin and the pain of sand entering the cracks in my feet. Unfortunately, this is not just my story. This is the story of millions and eczema cases continue to rise. 

 My story differs because I am a doctor and treated thousands of patients with eczema as well as all types of skin conditions. Most had seen numerous dermatologists, primary care physicians and podiatrists and they were all given different creams which sort of worked for some time but treating skin conditions involves education and removal of excessive fungus and bacteria. I was able to rapidly improve their skin conditions by explaining what they were doing right and more importantly to stop what they were doing wrong.  

As my patients started improving, my treatment became more focused and their stories became more similar. I developed an all natural cleansing and calming solution and educated and instructed my patients to soak in it nightly and return to see me in two weeks.

When patients started returning to my office and hugging for their new life without creams and steroids, I realized I had to make my formulation more widely available and after years of scientific research the pHeet wipe was invented. 

It’s success has been extraordinary and has proven our mission statement which is our way of life. We call it a common and caring sense approach versus a chemical and pills approach and urge you to try them for any skin condition from a rash, athletes foot, to eczema and any itch.